10 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Nashville

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Nashville, also popularly known as the “Music City,” earned its moniker for having a vibrant music industry. It is a beautiful city packed with undeniable southern hospitality and charm, where the sounds of country music fill the air and history blends with modern life.

However, Nashville is not only at the forefront when it comes to music; it is also a well-established area that has experienced consistent growth throughout the years. If you are planning to relocate to the city but still contemplating if moving to Nashville is wise and beneficial, you’ve come to the right place!

With this article, we will unveil the top things that you need to know before moving to Nashville. Join us as we uncover the elements that make it a truly extraordinary place to live, work, and play!

1. Extensive Housing and Lovely Neighborhood Options

Extensive Housing and Lovely Neighborhood Options

Whether moving to Nashville for the short or long term, you will find a place to call home in one of its well-kept and peaceful residential communities. On top of that, the selection of homes for sale in Nashville is comprehensive, giving potential homebuyers many options.

Green Hills and Forest Hills are two of the most pleasant neighborhoods in Nashville, TN, and here’s why:

Both neighborhoods are master planned. Forest Hills is known for its large homes, while Green Hills is sought after for its proximity to the city’s best attractions and entertainment destinations.

Forest Hills is a lovely residential community in Nashville that boasts scenic vistas, which is one of the reasons why it attracts many homebuyers in Tennessee.

It has a serene and calm setting, perched on high forested hills. Homes for sale in Forest Hills often cost from $1.1 million to a whopping $11.8 million.

The high price tag of residences in the neighborhood is primarily because of their expansive lots and high-quality craftsmanship.

Green Hills is an upscale community perfect for homebuyers looking for a residential place adjacent to many shopping stores and attractions.

The neighborhood is conveniently situated close to The Mall at Green Hills, which is the highlight of living in Green Hill. The establishment has over 100 stores to explore!

In terms of real estate, homes for sale in Green Hills are relatively more affordable than in Forest Hills, with residential properties typically valued from $1 million to $4.8 million.

Green Hills is also ideal for families with school-aged children since several well-regarded educational institutions surround the neighborhood.

2. Top-Notch Healthcare Services and Facilities

Nashville, TN, is home to many healthcare providers and companies, including TriStar Centennial Medical Center, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital. The city’s exceptional healthcare landscape boasts a concentration of top-tier service providers and companies, guaranteeing unparalleled access to superior medical services and state-of-the-art facilities.

Nashville residents can avail themselves of specialized medical services, cutting-edge technological resources, and expertise of healthcare practitioners and leading authorities in the medical industry. The city’s recognition as the Healthcare Capital of the United States demonstrates its dedication to delivering exceptional medical services and enhancing locals’ quality of life.

3. Low Unemployment Rate

Low Unemployment Rate

You can make a decent livelihood in Nashville, which is another perk of the city. It has a healthy job market with a low unemployment rate, making it a great place to start or advance your career. Some of the most popular jobs in the area are those related to software engineering, operations and project management, medical-related professions, human resources, and marketing.

If you are planning to move to Nashville, you can try your luck at some of the top employers in the area, including Asurion Corporation and Deloitte.

4. No Income Tax Burden

No Income Tax Burden

Living in Nashville means not having to worry about paying individual income tax! Tennessee, where Nashville is located, boasts the advantage of not levying a personal income tax.

Instead, the state has a competitive flat corporate income tax rate of 6.50% and imposes a state sales tax rate of 7% and the property tax rate of around 2% to 3%. This makes Nashville an attractive place to live for those who want to save money on taxes. The lack of individual income tax in Tennessee can be a significant financial benefit for residents of Nashville and the state as a whole.

5. Bustling Culinary Scene

Bustling Culinary Scene

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Foodies will surely love Nashville’s bustling culinary scene, boasting mouthwatering dishes with diverse flavors worldwide! Some of the must-visit restaurants in the city are the following:

Aside from excellent restaurants, the city is also home to many cozy, locally-owned cafes, perfect for coffee lovers looking for energizing specialty drinks!

6. Shops Everywhere!

Shops Everywhere!

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In Nashville, finding a shop to explore on weekends is a breeze, ensuring an enjoyable experience for those who love to discover new places and venture out.

For recommendations, you might want to visit these nearby malls:

The city’s dynamic shopping environment opens opportunities for retail therapy, enhancing the overall weekend experience for residents and visitors!

7. Warm and Welcoming Locality

Nashville is a great city to build connections and raise a family because of its warm and inviting atmosphere. People in this city are friendly and welcoming, making it easy to meet new people and develop meaningful relationships. It is also a great place to meet people from many walks of life and learn from their unique ideas and experiences, as the city is home to a diverse population.

The city’s prominence as a hub for budding musicians and artists makes it an attractive location for people who want to expand their professional and personal networks!

8. Vibrant Nightlife

Vibrant Nightlife

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Aside from having a lively music scene, Nashville is also home to various entertainment options and boasts an exciting nightlife. Adults living around Nashville can have access to lively bars and trendy clubs, providing the perfect setting to unwind, socialize, and enjoy memorable evenings with friends.

Nashville’s nightlife culture has something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood for live music, dancing to the rhythms of brilliant DJs, or simply sipping handmade drinks in a vibrant setting. The city’s nightlife scene adds an exciting dimension to the lives of adult residents, where they can have a great time with friends and relax occasionally!

9. It Gets Hot in Nashville

It Gets Hot in Nashville

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Nashville’s location in the southern United States means its summers are hotter and more humid than in other parts of the state. Hotter-than-average temperatures and fluctuating episodes of high humidity are typical weather conditions for tourists and permanent residents in Nashville, TN.

Outdoor leisure activities can still be enjoyed during the summer in Nashville, but remember to stay hydrated and dress appropriately and comfortably as temperatures may rise. Knowing what to expect from the weather in Nashville will help potential homebuyers and visitors make the most of their time there, especially during the warmer summer months.

10. Pricey Transportation Expenses

While public transportation is readily accessible, note that Nashville is more of a car-dependent city. Buses and other modes of public transportation may not be as widely available or as convenient for locals, especially if your destination is not ideally located near a subway or bus stop.

When going places where walking might not be an option, it is wise to factor in transit costs and prepare beforehand. Budgeting for ridesharing services, automobile rentals, or using readily available alternatives like bikes or scooters are all viable options to explore Nashville without spending too much on transportation expenses.

Despite that, the city is constantly working to upgrade and enhance its transportation systems.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Nashville

Wrap Up

Moving to a new place like Nashville can be difficult, so weighing various factors carefully before making the leap is important.

In times like this, seeking advice and assistance from local real estate agents for a seamless and hassle-free relocation can be helpful. Relocate to Nashville well-prepared by contacting us, and let us assist you in making your transfer as smooth and stress-free as possible and have a much easier time settling in!

We offer top-notch real estate services that can help you find a new home, settle into your new community, and get acquainted with all that Nashville has to offer. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help and guidance in this exciting new chapter of your life! Call us today at 615-499-8603 or 503-332-9469. You can also send us a message at hello@thepolzelgroup.com to schedule a consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! Moving to Nashville, TN, is worth it because of many reasons.

Firstly, young professionals can explore the city’s thriving job market and build careers in various industries. Nashville is also known for its vibrant music scene, with plenty of live music venues and events happening throughout the year!

Also, the city offers a great quality of life with a diverse range of neighborhoods, outdoor activities, and excellent food and drink options. Overall, Nashville is a great place to live, work, and play, making it a worthwhile destination for anyone looking for a new home in Tennessee.

Those searching for a new place to call home may find many reasons to choose Nashville. There are many homes to choose from in safe and peaceful communities. The city’s excellent healthcare services and facilities ensure access to high-quality medical care.

The lack of income tax and low unemployment rate make it easier on residents’ wallets, and the friendly locals in the area help build a sense of community for everyone!

People living in Nashville primarily love attending music festivals, trying different cuisines, and participating in various sporting events throughout the year!

Aside from that, locals also love going to parks, museums, and zoos, which are perfect for families and those seeking more relaxed recreation in the area.